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During divorce proceedings, someone who has taken the last name of their spouse may have their former name restored. It is a simple process, especially when going through dissolution of marriage. Lizbeth Potts, a Family Law Attorney in Tampa, can help you with the restoration of your name during your divorce proceedings. In order to have one’s name restored during … Read More

New Tax Law and Alimony

Lizbeth Potts, P.A.Family Laws

Depressed woman and husband

The law was passed in December 2017 with a start date of January 1, 2019.  What that means for individuals getting divorced is if you get divorced beginning in 2019, this law will apply.  And, if you have a modification after January 1, 2019 of a divorce that occurred prior to that time, if the modification paperwork states specifically that … Read More

Tampa Child Custody Lawyer

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child custody

Tampa Child Custody LawyerWhether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, if children are involved, you are going to fill out a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit.  We call this form the UCCJEA form for short.  Regardless of whether you and your spouse agree on parental responsibility, time-sharing/visitation, or custody, this form is required.  The … Read More

Prenuptial Agreement

Lizbeth Potts, P.A.Family Laws, Lizbeth Potts, P.A. Tampa Attorney Legal Articles

Tampa Letter of Instructions

Prenuptial AgreementA Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement between individuals in contemplation of marriage that becomes effective upon marriage. In essence, the premarital agreement, called a prenup for short, provides both monetary and emotional security to the parties. The parties have the ability to address all of the issues that they have determined are important to them and their relationship. Financial … Read More