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New Tax Law and AlimonyDuring divorce proceedings, someone who has taken the last name of their spouse may have their former name restored. It is a simple process, especially when going through dissolution of marriage.

Lizbeth Potts, a Family Law Attorney in Tampa, can help you with the restoration of your name during your divorce proceedings.

In order to have one’s name restored during the divorce process, certain questions must be answered pertaining to what your name is now, what your maiden name was prior to the marriage and that you want your name to be restored to that name. You then must be able to answer questions as to whether you have ever been involved in bankruptcy, individually or jointly with someone else; that you do not want to change your name for any ulterior or illegal purpose; and that a name change will not adversely affect any creditor or anyone else.

When you ask for your name to be restored, you must make sure of the
spelling, make sure that if you want your middle name state it- make it clear, that it appears, because once the court signs the Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, your name will be changed as it appears in the Final Judgment.

A question that is frequently asked is whether one spouse can make the other spouse go back to their maiden name. The court has no authority to order an ex-spouse to stop using a married surname without their consent.

In order for you to have your name changed on your driver license, social security card, credit cards, or any other important document that you want to reflect the restored name, you must obtain a certified copy of the Final Judgment to show as proof of the legal name change. Lizbeth Potts, Family Law Attorney in Tampa, can assist you with obtaining those certified copies.
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