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Are you looking for wills and probate lawyers? All your frantic search can end with Lizbeth Potts. As one of the best inheritance lawyers, we offer expert help to our clients on a wide variety of inheritance cases.

So, connect with us regarding any questions or issues relating to probate, inheritance, or will. We are also your refuge if you want help draft your will or put your estate in order. We will always work hard to achieve the best possible outcome while maintaining your privacy and trust. To date, we have successfully handled numerous cases. Therefore, your search for the best probate lawyers near me will always lead to us.


As one of the leading wills and estate lawyers, we can help you with all the necessary information and steps to correctly draft the will. We can also overlook the implementation of the will when the time comes.


As the top Florida probate lawyer, we can help deal with all the nuances of probate, including estimating the assets that are part of the estate, filing an inventory of the same, deciding on the payment of taxes and debts, and distribution of the remaining assets.

Estate Planning

As one of the best estate probate lawyers, we can employ years of knowledge and experience to offer you valuable guidance for putting your estate in order. We can especially help you with issues like summary administration, disposition of assets, formal administration, etc.


When it comes to managing your trust, you need the best inheritance lawyers on the job. And your search for the best professional can end with Lizbeth Potts. We can help you deal with every aspect of trust law.


The firm offers great legal advice. I will recommend her any day for any inheritance case that you and your family might be dealing with. They will guide you in the right direction.

Ava Jordon

I was stuck in a complex inheritance case not very long ago. After going to many lawyers with not much of a breakthrough, I finally got the required legal help from Lizbeth Potts. She is a thorough professional and expert in her domain.

Evelyn Harper

I have used their services on a few occasions for wills, family law, and other cases. Every time they have offered me excellent service. I would highly recommend them for any legal cases in Florida.

Henry Woods

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A Note From Lizbeth Potts

Dealing with inheritance issues is not simple. Along with the legal hassles, you might also have to deal with emotional turbulence. That is why you need a professional to guide you in the right direction. I, Lizbeth Potts, one of the best wills and probate lawyers, can be your ideal refuge for the matter.

I have many years of experience and thorough knowledge of the various states of inheritance laws. I can help you draft your wills, put your estate in order, file an inventory of your estate, administer your will, etc. So, for any legal issue relating to inheritance, connect with me.
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