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Locally, I have been getting clients who need to renew their Florida Driver’s License, butare having issues, because they have been called by one name, which is on their driver license and what their birth certificate says is another. It is becoming a problem, especially with older folks.

REAL ID was created in an effort to improve the security of state-issued identification-type cards, such as driver licenses. The idea is to curb terrorism and to reduce of identity theft. Florida is a REAL ID compliant state, along with 24 others and D.C.

You need your driver’s license to be able to drive, to board commercial aircraft, enter state and federally restricted areas, such as military bases and federally regulated power plants. So, having the proper name and other identifying markers is helpful. Otherwise, you will be required to produce a second form of identification.

How do you know whether your Florida Driver’s License or State ID is REAL ID compliant? There will be a STAR in the upper right hand corner.

Lizbeth Potts, a Florida Family Law and Immigration Attorney, who practices in Tampa, Florida can assist you with your name change, so you can renew your Florida Driver’s License or Florida State ID:

  1. What is your present name (what you go by)?
  2. What do you want your name to be?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. You parents names
  5. Where have you lived since birth?
  6. Are you married? To whom?
  7. Do you have children? Their names, ages, where they live.
  8. Do you have any former names?
  9. What is your occupation?
  10. Do you own a business? Name of Business
  11. Do you have a profession?
  12. What is your education?
  13. Do you have a criminal history?
  14. Have you ever declared bankruptcy?
  15. Are there any money judgments against you?
  16. Do you have any ulterior motives or illegal purpose in changing your name?
  17. Have your civil rights every been suspended?

You will also have to have your fingerprints completed by the proper authorities and a Criminal History Records Check completed and filed with the court before your Petition for Name Change can be hear.
Lizbeth Potts, a Family Law and Immigration Attorney in Tampa, Florida is here to assist you every step of the way in the name change process. She has the experience and knowledge to make this process stress free for you!

Give Lizbeth Potts a call at 813.988.9190 and set up an appointment to discuss your Name Change before you get turned down when trying to renew your Florida Driver’s License or Florida State ID. Make the experience stress-free!

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