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Will I WANT TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TO A CHARITY IN MY WILLYou need a will to make sure all of your worldly possessions go to the person you want. You also need a will to give to those charities or foundations that you believe help the causes that you support for the good work that they do.Plan Gifts too OrganizationsHow ... Read More

Advance Directives

When Should I revise my Advance Directives and Will?If you have a major life change, you should consider revising or updating your will and other estate planning documents, including your Advance Directives.Consider reviewing and possibly revising your will, advance directives , and other estate planning documents.Review your Will if any of the following occur: You get married. You have children or ... Read More

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Probate lawyer in TampaDeath of a loved one and Income Taxes We are in the middle of “tax season” and many people are anticipating a tax refund. What happens if a loved one dies and a tax refund check in their name arrives? In certain cases, Florida probate law covers such an issue.TaxesIf the person that is to receive a tax ... Read More

Ways to Avoid Probate

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Avoid ProbateWhen someone dies and leaves real (house, land) and/or personal property, it must be legally transferred to the individual’s heirs or beneficiaries. This is called probate. In some cases, probate can be avoided, regardless of whether someone dies with or without a will. If you die with a will, the individuals named in your will are beneficiaries. These people ... Read More