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child custody
Tampa Child Custody LawyerWhether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, if children are involved, you are going to fill out a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit.  We call this form the UCCJEA form for short.  Regardless of whether you and your spouse agree on parental responsibility, time-sharing/visitation, or custody, this form is required.  The ... Read More

Marital Settlement Agreement

Marital Settlement Agreement IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE MARRIED GET DIVORCED: Many people believe that once a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is signed, they are “legally separated”.  Here in Florida, there is no such thing as “legal separation”.  In order to be rid of your spouse, you must get DIVORCED.What is a Marital Settlement Agreement A Marital Settlement Agreement is a contract between you ... Read More

Letter of Instructions

Letter of Instructions For WillsMany people have certain ideas about what they want done after they pass away. In most cases, the individual’s will does not give any idea about funeral arrangements: which funeral home to use, whether cremation is an option, certain rituals or religious beliefs to be followed. That is where a Letter of Instruction could be key ... Read More

Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial AgreementA Prenuptial Agreement is an agreement between individuals in contemplation of marriage that becomes effective upon marriage. In essence, the premarital agreement, called a prenup for short, provides both monetary and emotional security to the parties. The parties have the ability to address all of the issues that they have determined are important to them and their relationship. Financial ... Read More

File for a Divorce

File for a Divorce
File for a Divorce in FloridaIf you have decided to get divorced one of the most important questions that needs to be answered is: Where does the paperwork to get divorced have to be filed.I WANT TO File For a Divorce, in Florida? My spouse and I both want to get divorced and we agree on everything:This is an uncontested ... Read More

Advance Directive

Advance Directive One must plan for the unknown and inevitable in life. If you become incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yourself, you need to make sure that what you want is known and can be followed by those who are treating you. The only way that can happen is if you have your decisions in writing. Here in Florida, ... Read More

Mediation for Divorce in a Family Law Case

MediationWhen a contested divorce, also called dissolution of marriage, is filed, whether the parties have children or not, they must go to mediation to attempt to work out their contested issues. Mediation is the non-adversarial step in the process that allows the parties to work out the issues, come up with solutions, and hopefully settle their divorce case instead of ... Read More