Family Immigration Petition

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Family Immigration

Family Immigration Petition

Family Immigration Petition

When you are applying for an adjustment of status, it is important that you have all the documents to prepare for the process. When submitting your family immigration petition application and paperwork, you want the paperwork to be in a semblance of order and legible.

I-485 Adjustment of Status application

First, you need to properly fill out the I-485 Adjustment of Status application. In most cases, other applications, such as an employment authorization application and an application for travel document (to be able to return to the US after foreign travel) will accompany this adjustment of status application.

Family Immigration Petition Application

Along with the  family immigration petition application, you must attach the filing fee. Currently, the filing fee is $1070.00 (including for biometrics) for applicants who are 14-78, $635 for those under 14 filing with their parents, or $985 for those under the age of 14 or over 79. Unite States Immigration & Citizenship Services (USCIS) accepts money orders and checks, not cash.

The checklist of documents for  family immigration petition includes, but is not limited to the following:

  1. A copy of the I-130 approval notice.
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. A copy of your I-94 form (Admission Number), which you may obtain by going to the website: . Make sure you have your passport with
  4. you when you complete this task, because you will need your passport number, the class of admission (ie. B-2 Visitor, K-1 Fiance’) and the day you entered the US to complete the form.
  5. Two (2) passport photos of yourself. You can get these photos done at your local drug store, AAA business, and other places that do passport photos. USCIS will not accept do-it-yourself cropped photos, they must be done correctly.
  6. The official medical exam (Form I-693), which will be in a sealed envelope. You must get a medical exam done by an approved doctor. USCIS can provide you with a list.
  7. Your long form birth certificate. If it is not in English, it must be translated.

Authorization For Employment

In most cases, you want to file for authorization for employment and advance parole (to be able to enter the country if you leave during the adjustment process). If that is the case other documents may have to be included in your adjustment of status packet.

Immigration Lawyer Tampa

If you have adjustment of status questions- family immigration petition- green card- questions, call Lizbeth Potts & Associates, P.A. We can help you understand the process and guide you through with professional, courteous care.