Replace Permanent Resident Card

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Replace Permanent Resident Card In Florida Renewing a Replace Permanent Resident Card that is about to expire Replacing a permanent Resident Card Correcting data because of USCIS error or your name has been legally changed Never received Replace Permanent Resident Card Tampa Green Card LawyerLizbeth Potts of Lizbeth Potts, P.A. can help you with filling out the necessary paperwork, gathering all of the … Read More

What is Probate Law

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what is immigration law

WHAT IS PROBATE LAWProbate Law is the administration of the estate of a person who has passed away. We call this person the decedent. Probate administration distributes the decedent’s property to the beneficiaries or heirs and resolves any claims against the estate.There are different types of probate LawSummary Administration for estates that total less than $75,000.00 and Formal Administration for … Read More

Ways to Avoid Probate

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avoid probate

Avoid ProbateWhen someone dies and leaves real (house, land) and/or personal property, it must be legally transferred to the individual’s heirs or beneficiaries. This is called probate. In some cases, probate can be avoided, regardless of whether someone dies with or without a will. If you die with a will, the individuals named in your will are beneficiaries. These people … Read More