New Tax Law and Alimony

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Depressed woman and husband

NEW TAX LAW AND ALIMONY Since the new tax law came into being, individuals who are getting divorced may be in for a rude awakening. Once a coveted deduction, alimony and support maintenance payments by the payor spouse can no longer be relied upon.  The new tax law eliminates this deduction completely.  It also eliminates such payments to the payee … Read More

Tampa Child Custody Lawyer

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child custody

Tampa Child Custody LawyerWhether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, if children are involved, you are going to fill out a Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act Affidavit.  We call this form the UCCJEA form for short.  Regardless of whether you and your spouse agree on parental responsibility, time-sharing/visitation, or custody, this form is required.  The … Read More

Marital Settlement Agreement

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Marital Settlement

Marital Settlement Agreement IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE MARRIED GET DIVORCED: Many people believe that once a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) is signed, they are “legally separated”.  Here in Florida, there is no such thing as “legal separation”.  In order to be rid of your spouse, you must get DIVORCED.What is a Marital Settlement Agreement A Marital Settlement Agreement is a contract between you … Read More

Contribute Charity Will

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I WANT TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION TO A CHARITY IN MY WILLYou need a will to make sure all of your worldly possessions go to the person you want. You also need a will to give to those charities or foundations that you believe help the causes that you support for the good work that they do.Plan Gifts too OrganizationsHow do … Read More

Immigration Address Change

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Immigration Address Change

Immigration Address ChangeIMMIGRATION ADDRESS CHANGE NOTIFICATION FOR NON-CITIZENS IS MANDATORYDid you know if you are a non-citizen, you must notify the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) within TEN (10) days of your change of address? You may notify USCIS by mail or online. In most cases, if you file online, you will not need to file the paper form. The … Read More