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Are we ready to go back to school
Can you believe that school is going to start in just a little over a month? August 10th is the start date in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk counties! It is going to be a busy day and full of traffic, that is for certain. Being prepared for that first day of class is going to be crucial.

Here in Florida, there is a Back to School Sales Tax Holiday which runs from July 25 to August 7. This means shopping for school clothes, shoes, some school supplies, learning aids, personal computers and accessories will be TAX FREE during that time! There are price restrictions on items, but every little bit counts. If you want to find out more about the Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, you can go to where you can read in detail about this special time.

Have you budgeted for the back-to-school supplies and new clothing? In many instances, this issue was not discussed during the divorce or paternity action when the Parenting Plan for Time Sharing and Child Support came up during mediation or at trial.

Many people think that it is akin to medical expenses, where one parent is reimbursed for medical bills and prescriptions that they have had to pay for when a child is sick. This is not the case. School supplies are usually an afterthought. As children get older, their interests expand and they want to be a part of different extra-curricular activities. Such topics are discussed during the mediation process or trial. How school supplies are split are not a part of that discussion unless you make them a part of the discussion.

If you want that to be part of the discussion, you must let your lawyer know, so that it can be noted as one of the issues to be negotiated during mediation and even at trial. Lizbeth Potts, a Tampa attorney at Lizbeth Potts, P.A. will represent you in mediation and at trial and make sure you don’t lose out on that financial assistance necessary to make your child(ren)’s school year the best that it can be.